Ever After Princess Shoot

I met Eva at a four day enterprise course I did with The Prince’s Trust back in February. We were both in the same boat –two young women who wanted to set up our own businesses. We got well acquainted during our four days together and we decided to help each other out. Eva needed some pictures for her princess party hire business and I needed a paying client and more pictures for my website (which was still a baby as it had only been launched about three months ago). I felt really lucky because the kind of pictures she wanted fell in line with the kind of pictures I enjoyed shooting and wanted to do more of.

So here we were on a Wednesday afternoon, in a nice comfy, spacious room on top of a café in Forest Gate. I had used this room before for The Dressmaker fashion shoots and was on friendly terms with the owner who was an art lover himself. I asked Barbara to help me out with this shoot as I needed a mature and reliable assistant with a photography background and I also wanted to borrow her soft box lights which would have given me a lovely soft light that complimented the skin indoors. And I knew Barbara was always looking for more experience to learn on the job.

Eva had two Frozen princess costumes and a blond wig. She bought one of her friends along, Isabel, who she was planning on contracting out when she needed another princess and who was going to model as well. While the girls bought out their ipad, played some Disney songs to set the mood and got dressed, Barbara and I cleared up the room and set up the lights. Lighting was probably my weakest point in photography which was ironic as photography was all about lighting. I shook off my insecurities about my lighting skills and made the decision as to where I wanted to place the soft box and how intense I wanted the light. (We were only using one soft box in the corner and it wasn't very intense as we were using a lot of day light too -the soft box was used as a fill in light instead). The venue had some really cool old looking wooden chairs that were suitable for the shoot and there was also a huge gold framed mirror which I found in the next room whilst doing The Dressmaker shoot. I was dying to use that mirror then but it didn’t go with the fashion theme/style but whaddaya know? It was the perfect prop for this Disney-like princes shoot. There was also a really random gold pillar hanging about that I thought we could make use of and we did! The girls did their own hair and makeup which I was quite impressed with.

I shot Isabel first and had fun playing with shooting from different heights, using a chair. Got some nice close ups too and really made use of those big baby blue eyes of hers. Next up, Eva in her ‘Anna’ costume, then individual shots of the girls with the gorgeous fairy tale mirror and then finally, shots of both of the girls together after they had swapped costumes. It's always fun working with actors/performers as they are usually so full of character and this was no exception. Another one for the portfolio. Boo ya!

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