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A former nature journalist at the Natural History Museum, Tammana currently freelances as a proofreader for Pan Macmillan and other leading publishing houses. She is planning on solo-travelling around southeast Asia once again and will be documenting her journey on her new blog. Subscribe to keep up to date!


A 90’s baby who grew up in the hustle and bustle of east London, Tammana graduated with a BSc H Digital Film Production and a PGCE in Media Studies and English. She spent several years freelancing in film, photography and graphic design for clients such as PA Images, NHS and DandAD. During the school holidays, she ran her own film and photography workshops for young people via organisations such as Futureversity, the NCS Challenge and TASIS England.

In her spare time, Tammana enjoys writing short stories and poems. Last year, she was commissioned by Blueprint For All to write a piece about her heritage, which was displayed in exhibitions throughout the UK during the summer. In 2021, Tammana's poem Where Do We Belong? was longlisted for the Briefly Write Poetry Prize 2021.


A curious soul filled with wanderlust, Tammana spent three months solo-travelling through Malaysia and Indonesia (as well as Thailand and Singapore) in 2017-18 and three months solo-travelling through Turkey in 2022.

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