A 90’s baby who grew up in the hustle and bustle of east London, Tammana graduated with a digital film degree and qualified as a media studies and English teacher. She practised graphic design and photography in her spare time, attending short courses and continuously self-teaching, which led to her freelancing for clients such as PA Images, NHS and DandAD as well as delivering her own film and photography workshops for young people via various organisations such as Futureversity, the NCS Challenge and TASIS England.  

She is now expanding into filming and has worked on a feature film and a couple of TV shows. She has also collaborated with several different artists to produce a number of short videos, including a short film where she worked as a script supervisor and her own mini documentary series on alternative things which she shot, directed and edited.

Aside from film, photography and graphic design, Tammana enjoys creative writing. She writes and performs poetry at spoken word events and plans on publishing a book one day. Tammana is a curious soul with a strong desire to travel and experience how people live in other parts of the world. She spent three months travelling solo through Malaysia and Indonesia (as well as Thailand and Singapore) which was a transformative experience in many ways, helping her to clarify her goals in life.


(c) Tammana Begum