Tammana is now expanding into filming which includes concept, pre-production, production and post production work. Please subscribe to Tammana's youtube channel to stay up to date with her film work. 


A short poem written by Tammana. She wanted to combine the two art forms she enjoyed together as well as share her poetry more. 

NHS Promo Video: Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability

The number of doctors working in the intellectual disability field is low and this video promotes that area of science to medical students looking to specialize. 

The Other World: Yoga Sufi Grind

This three minute documentary explains what the sufi grind is and how it can benefit people. It is part of The Other World series. 

NHS Promo Video: Interview With Leanna

A one minute social media video promoting psychiatry of intellectual disability to trainee doctors looking to specialize in a field. 

The Other World: Tea Ceremony

The second video from the documentary series explores the tea ceremony which is a very important ritual within the oriental culture.

Fly Me To The Moon Cover by Midnight Rouge

A YouTube cover to promote the artist to high end bars and restaurants.

(c) Tammana Begum