People & Places

We are all walking, talking stories

People and Places is an ongoing portrait photography project commissioned by GS8 Development. Tammana had the idea of shooting portraits of normal, everyday people and recording their stories to be shared side by side four years ago but it was only once she came across the opportunity of having her work printed in large format and publicly displayed, did she finally motivate herself to commit to it. 

The theme is 'life' and it is a collection of personal stories shared by participants. The aim of the project is to celebrate differences, find similarities within those differences which often take form of human emotions (such as love, struggle, loss, achievement), and bring people closer together through the honesty and humanness of the subjects and their stories.

Tammana intends on expanding this project by producing an exhibition, shooting mini documentaries about some of the subjects and publishing a book once she reaches 100 portraits.

The project is open to anyone and will become international when Tammana goes on her next travel. If you would like to get involved, please contact Tammana via the contacts page.