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Seven tips for models: how to prepare for a photoshoot

So, you have got a portrait shoot coming up. Here is a list of seven things to do so you're looking and feeling your best and helping to make the photographer/editor's job easier.

1. Avoid junk food and alcohol, drink plenty of water and get eight hours sleep the night before so your skin looks clear, fresh and youthful. Junk food can make your skin spotty/oily, alcohol dehydrates you and lack of sleep makes your skin look dull.

2. Wax/shave unwanted hair at least 24 hours earlier. Avoid doing it on the day of the shoot in case your skin ends up red and marked.

3. Exfoliate your skin and use a nose strip to remove black/whiteheads the day before so your skin/nose looks smooth and clean. Take care of your lips, always drink lots of water and use a moisturiser regularly to keep them smooth.

4. Style your hair! This could be a simple comb through and spray or something more elaborate with the help of a stylist. Either way, you want your hair looking great and most importantly, keeping those pesky fly-aways down! 5. Do a little bit of research on poses and practise in front of the mirror. A good model knows his/her body and how to show it off best. 6. Consider putting together a modelling kit which includes things like: nude/black underwear, wet wipes for quick cleans, moisturiser/oil for your legs, hair spray/grip/brush and anything else that is easy to carry and possibly useful for shoots. 7. Breath. Relax. Mentally prepare yourself. Get into the right head space. Have fun. Confidence is attractive and it shows in photos.

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