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Capturing the nineties

Dad's younger sister came for a visit. She bought her digital camera and told us to put our shoes on so she could get some family photos. This was 1994, we didn't own a camera and taking photos was a rare occurence. The three of us ran to the passage where the shoes were placed imperfectly in a row. While my sisters rushed to put their strawberry-coloured jelly sandals on, I scrabbled around still trying to find mine in the dim light. I ran downstairs and searched all the bedrooms. Under the beds, in my cupboard. No shoes. I started panicking. They were going to take the photos without me. I ran back upstairs with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, and quietly told aunty that my shoes were nowhere to be seen. She told me to go ahead and join my sisters on the couch. So there I sat, in between my two older siblings in an oversized pink dress and no shoes.


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